RAM Group’s mission is to design sensor technology that is at the foundation of understanding why things are happening

Ayal Ram’s Story



Was he just working too hard? Run down? That’s what friends and family guessed. But Ayal sensed there was something more behind why he felt so awful back in 2001. He opted for every test: heart, blood, you name it. It was all inconclusive – no answers, no diagnosis. Then six months later, he woke up to find the entire right side of his body numb. He couldn’t move it.


The diagnosis? Late stage non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Ayal had an aggressive, almost-softball-sized tumor pushing against his heart. In fact, 30% of his heart had already collapsed. With a heart so weak, no one would recommend chemo. They said his heart simply couldn’t take it. But purely palliative care was unacceptable to Ayal, so he found another doctor who worked out an ultimately effective, though vicious, drug cocktail for him.

After the harsh and painful experience of living in the hospital for 12 months followed by 6 months of radiation, Ayal survived. He saw it as a miracle. He was grateful, relieved…and also astounded and aggravated. He’d had all of the tests. He’d done everything he was supposed to, everything he could. And no one saw the problem until it was almost too late.
He thought: If that is what money can buy, what the best care can offer… what happens to most people in the world who can’t even afford a doctor?

Our Mission

Our mission is the direct result of our founder’s experience. What Ayal went through made it clear how easily diagnostics could fail to see what was right there, inches away. He decided that he would try to make a difference, first by identifying the problem and then tackling it with new solutions.


The issue? It’s that we’re not seeing the why; not connecting the dots. It’s as if your senses didn’t work together...as if what you saw was isolated from what you smelled or heard.


So the mission of the RAM Group is to develop sensor technology that is at the foundation of understanding why things are happening…to gain deeper understanding, more relevant knowledge and insight, and ultimately the ability to act on this input to make people, processes, and the planet healthier. Today, our quantum device sensing (QDS) technology in which the surface processes directly interact with the quantum states of electron gas. We have achieved a million-fold increase in sensitivity with drastically reduced noise, outperforming conventional sensor application technologies.

With headquarters in Singapore, 
RAM Group also has offices in Germany, Israel and U.S.


Focused on commercialization and business.

Saarbrücken, Germany 

Company's production cleanroom and fabrication center.

Zweibrücken, Germany 

Research and development, rapid prototyping cleanroom.

Be'er Sheva, Israel

Where sensor design and simulation happens.

Houston, Texas

Driving partnerships and operations in North America.

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