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Our sensors have broad applications, measuring quantum mechanical interactions in the body, in the air or water, in the ground or in space. The construction and properties of our GaN-based sensors let us detect and differentiate between specific fields and frequencies. Then our sensors show you the connections; mapping changes to link cause and effect.

Together, this makes it easier than ever to diagnose and take action.

There are fewer oversights or mistakes that might lead to disaster. And there are greater opportunities to improve lives and environments.

Health & Wellness:
Leading innovation in patient-driven
healthcare and precision medicine

Our medical-grade sensors provide what no other existing health or medical device can: non-invasive, single-point monitoring of vital signs, all without requiring the patient to do anything. No wearable or medical device offers as many features and surfaces as many data sets in the clinical diagnostic value chain. as non–invasively and inexpensively or conveniently as RAM Group.  The result is much more relevant information for clinicians to act on.


The implications for maintaining and improving health are significant. Vital signs – such as comprehensive heart functions or heart and lung dynamics – can be monitored directly and understood as a single system. Sensors can detect what’s going on in a cancerous tumor, revealing how a drug will work at the cellular level. And they can monitor chemotherapy, metabolism, hydration and nutritional status…all for optimal disease management, illness prevention, or athletic performance.

Food Safety:
Adding protection and confidence
for consumers

Our sensors can keep food supplies safer. They can be applied to any aspect of the food chain – livestock, produce, in stores – detecting potential problems to address, such as identifying bacteria in a product before anyone has the chance to buy it.  From the water that fish are raised in to the packaging and even storage, RAM Group can monitor the quality of goods across the entire supply chain.


Sensors can be used at the food’s source, then at every step along the way to the table. Imagine sensors measuring the water properties of a fish farm, analyzing the quality of the fish as it’s processed, and monitoring it in transit to detect temperature shifts. Our sensors see the full picture...and ultimately the customer could have that view, too, for greater trust in what they consume.

Oil / Gas / Industrial:
Reducing complexity, risk, and costs

Our sensors can dramatically increase efficiency, boost safety, and minimize the impact of a range of industries. They offer the ability to wirelessly monitor critical parameters; measuring various gases, general air quality, and characteristics such as corrosion, phase, flow, and temperature.


So instead of today’s redundant systems – someone who’s checking and checking and checking – our sensors support the human effort with sensors that have the ability to detect and understand any abnormal event such as a pressure spike, surge, or pulsation.


They can then point to the connections between the characteristics monitored, identifying precursors to a problem before it can become one. This real-time view of all aspects of flow leads to earlier detection, which can improve security, extend production run life, increase production, and optimize control. These advantages aren’t hard to gain. Because our sensors are ultra-low power and can withstand harsh environments, they are ideal to deploy in the field. And deployment doesn’t require any retrofitting of existing equipment.