It’s time for radically new sensors. It’s time for quantum device sensing.

Why? Because today's traditional sensors don't do enough, and they’re already performing at the limit of their capabilities.
The advanced materials science behind RAM Group sensors allows them to detect critical intrinsic interactions, multiple fields, and specific targets in a single wafer -- all with exponentially greater sensitivity than current sensors.

As a result, our quantum device sensing (QDS) technology can reveal feedback loops and causal connections, offering a far more powerful approach to diagnose and prevent disease, understand physical phenomena in industry and smart cities, and much more.

Here’s how RAM Group quantum
device sensors are different:
Quantum-level sensors

Quantum device sensing (QDS) can explain why things are the way they are, not just see what they are.


Our quantum device sensors utilize the quantum mechanic processes to measure physical quantities including frequency, acceleration, ions, rotation rates, electro-magnetic fields, and temperature in an extremely accurate way.


Their surface processes directly interact with the quantum states of electron gas, achieving a million-fold increase in sensitivity with drastically reduced noise.


Then our algorithms show the connections between these measures.

Advanced GaN-based materials

The foundation of our sensors is GaN, not silicon. GaN creates a perfectly configured structure to provide greater mobility of electrons and allows for sensing additional properties (such as pressure or movement). The emerging post-silicon, quantum-based technology world will fundamentally change what we can do with sensors, computers, and super-conductors.

Greater flexibility

RAM Group sensors do not require functionalization to provide complex readouts – it’s the material that is functionalized. If you want to do more, monitor something new, our QDS sensors are flexible enough to accommodate that – no additional components are needed. It’s a better, simpler way of doing more, without needing to add to your electronic footprint.

Multi-parametric and greater sensitivity

RAM Group sensors are capable of detecting the smallest energies of particles, wave field, and quantum mechanical interactions. At extreme resolution RAM Group sensors detect :

  • ​​Multi-variant fields including electric (charge), optical, acoustic/mechanical, chemical, magnetic, plasmonic, and opto-electric quantum energy states
  • Selective specific target species and analytes

  • Intrinsic interactions such as PiezoElectric, PyroElectric, FerroElectric, and SpontElectric 

Ultra-low power

Our sensors use less than 1% of the power required by traditional sensors, greatly expanding the way in which sensors can be deployed and the efficiency that can be gained.

Replicable, scalable and market-ready

Other companies will tell you that technology like this is “coming soon” or part of “Phase 2.” Our solution is market-ready. It is fast and simple to produce sensors at scale with additional functionality when you require.

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